Annual Track Day Event

What Our Valued Clients Have Said About The Event

Emmett Richardson - Thanks to Euroclassics for hosting a fun event. The weather was great, and everyone played nicely! Also, the lunch was excellent. Also, a big bonus was the access to professional drivers and knowledgeable instructors! One piece of feedback. The passing protocol in the red group continues to be an issue. Once the guidelines were relaxed after lunch, people seemed to not do anything different form the morning. I received one pass in the afternoon in an extended passing area despite numerous opportunities. One suggestion would be to keep an instructor with anyone who moves up for at least a session to help them get familiar with extended passing rules. Again, thanks for hosting a fun event, and I look forward to next year!

Gib Deshazo - Great event!  Thanks for all the hard work coordinating  it every year.  Top notch event and great folks at the track.  The catered lunch was great!  Nothing against the Pagoda Grill but it was a welcome addition.  Thanks again and I look forward to nect year.

Rik Vandevenne - Fantastic event.  Very well run and everyone was a professional.   What was the name/website for the photographer?  Curious if he got any good pics of my C5 Z06 #22. 

David Henry - Great weather!  Great coaching!  Great food!  Great sponsors!  In the five years I have been attending, this was the best event yet!  You set a high bar for next year!

Bill McAllister - Thank you for hosting this wonderful event.  It was well organized, and every worker was kind and gracious.  I fell in love with my '17 991 all over again as I learned about the VIR first experience on it.  The car handled incredibly.  If I had pushed my '79 911SC that hard, I would have been in the bushes!  Great hospitality, great track, great car. 

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