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  • Mark Cooke
    Dealer Principal / GM

    Mark Cooke started Euroclassics in 1988 and has built a business that not only manages to sell Porsche automobiles while maintaining the integrity of the brand, but has built a workplace that his employees love. When asked why a potential Porsche owner should choose Euroclassics, Mark says, "We're here every day. Our customers have our cell phone numbers. They can call us on weekends. We are completely available to our customers." His favorite model Porsche is the new Cayenne. He says it's a great lifestyle car. 'I have kids, I have golf clubs. I go to the beach a lot. It's very drivable, has a great sound system and is a perfect everyday car." Mark and his family enjoy the beach, skiing, wake surfing, running and spending time together.

  • Christopher Rennie
    General Sales Manager

    Chris has been a member of the Euroclassics team since June 2004, working with clients in the areas of sales and finance. He became General Sales Manager in July of 2012 and he is devoted to not only the Porsche brand, but to Euroclassics' clients. A certified brand ambassador, Chris says, "Porsche is all about quality, luxury and performance. They are the highest quality production cars in the industry." Chris's favorite Porsche of all time is the 1993 RS America because he has an appreciation for rare older model Porsches. If Porsche didn't exist, he'd probably drive a G-Wagon. In his very limited spare time, Chris and his wife and daughters enjoy playing with their dog, boating, exercise, golf and anything active, outdoors and social.

  • Chris Stone
    Service Manager

    Chris has been a Euroclassics team member since 1996, but he has a total of 21 years experience with Porsche because of his earlier careers with the previous Porsche dealership as well as Import Autohaus. Chris appreciates the Porsche brand because of the excitement the vehicles provide. He says "the driving experience is unparallelled." About Euroclassics he says, "We are a top-flight facility with a small, family feel." His favorite model Porsche is the new Boxster GTS because it epitomizes the "Roadster" feel that Porsche started and if he had to pick another model of car it would be the BMW M3. His hobbies include tennis (USTA), and boating and fishing at Smith Mountain Lake.

  • Mark Filippi
    Parts Manager

    Mark has been with Euroclassics since October of 2009 when he decided to leave his position as a contractor with Philip Morris and pursue his lifelong love of cars full time. He loves the Porsche brand because he says "Porsche builds a superior car" and he likes working at Euroclassics because "We are fair and honest, and we're not overpriced." His favorite model of Porsche is the new 911 (because of the new PDK transmission - ask him about it), and in a non Porsche world he'd drive a Dodge Challenger, just like the one he loved as a kid. In his spare time, Mark plays pool and listens to all types of music.

  • Kari Schwear
    Finance Manager

    Kari joined our team in the Fall of 2016. She is a seasoned sales & marketing professional that began her career in the banking/finance industry. Her passion and love for the Porsche brand came early in life, mainly due to her parents involvement in the St. Louis Porsche Club. The sound, feel and refinement that the Porsche brand delivers is truly a passion for this car girl! Kari's all-time favorite model is the 911 GT3 RS and for daily driving, her own 2015 Cayman S. She will tell you that her favorite event of the year (and what she works all year for) is Euroclassics Customer Appreciation Day held at Virginia International Raceway. It is "the best work day ever!!"

  • Brian Faulkner
    Customer Exp. Manager

    Brian has been a member of the Euroclassics team since 2015, working in the areas of sales, service, web, inventory, marketing, co-op, and event planning. He has been a car/motorcycle enthusiast all his life and is dedicated to the Porsche brand. Brian says, "When searching for an everyday car that could offer quality, luxury, and performance, I realized that Porsche was for me." He cannot wait for the future Mission E (now called the Taycan) because it represents the next automotive benchmark.

    In his spare time, Brian enjoys playing competitive soccer, spending time with family and friends, and learning about the latest technology.

  • Ken Dance
    CFO / Controller

    Ken joined the Euroclassics team in July of 2016 after an 18 year career in Public Accounting. Working at Euroclassics has provided Ken with the opportunity to learn the automotive business, and what better place to do that than a boutique dealership like Euroclassics Porsche! A self-professed "non-car guy", Ken has grown to appreciate the brand and quality of Porsche and would say his favorite model is the Panamera Sport Turismo. In his spare time, Ken likes to hike, see live music, and spend time with his wife and family.

  • Jon Philipp
    Sales Consultant | Porsche Brand Ambassador

    Jon has been with Euroclassics since 2003, and if you ask him his favorite thing about the job he will say "I love the cars, but the clients who drive them are 99% of why I'm here." His favorite thing about Porsches is the passion the brand brings. He loves working at Euroclassics because of the small dealership feel, combined with the great selection of inventory. He says, "It's nice to be able to meet with clients and have lots of options to show them." His favorite model of Porsche is the Carrera GT, and if he had to pick a car other than a Porsche he'd go with Audi. In his spare time, Jon likes to watch UFC fights and he is a lover of craft beers.

  • Drew Hardiman
    Sales Consultant | Porsche Master Brand Ambassador

    Drew has been with Euroclassics since September of 2008. He spent his first 8 years as the Service Advisor for the Service Department. His experience there gives him a unique in-depth view into not only the operation of the vehicles, but also what it's like to own a Porsche after taking delivery.

    In 2018 Drew earned the title of Porsche Global Master Brand Ambassador undergoing courses over a period of 7 years.

    In 2017 Drew was awarded as a top 4 finalist of the Porsche Walk-around Competition.  A competition that begun with over 900 entrants.  This award exemplifies his ability to make his clients feel at home in their new Porsche, also to custom tailor each experience.  As a result Porsche is sending him to Germany for a behind the scenes tour of all things Porsche.  He says "This trip will give me an even more in depth view into the world of Porsche to go along with my 10 years of experience with the brand. It is a very unique opportunity, and I am honored to have received it."

    In his free time Drew enjoys trying new restaurants and breweries in and around RVA.

  • Justin Price
    Sales Consultant | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

    Justin has been in the automotive industry for the past 12 years. He has always had a passion for cars/motorcycles and has owned a few that have seen the track. His passion is cars so what would be better than selling a unique brand like Porsche! His other hobbies are playing golf and watching Football when he can find the time. Justin says he "Enjoys working with his clients just as much as he enjoys the Porsche brand itself".

  • Young Choe
    Sales Consultant

    Young has been with automotive industry for over 15 years and recently joined Euroclassics Porsche sales team. He loves high performance European sports cars and currently drives a 2005 Porsche 911 Carrera and a 2013 Porsche Cayenne Diesel. In his spare time, he loves playing tennis and sharing with his family and friends.

  • Ralph Agpaoa
    Service Advisor | Certified Porsche Brand Ambassador

    Ralph has 20 years of automotive experience and is a former Ford Technician and Service Advisor. He joined the Euroclassics Porsche team in December of 2016 and his favorite Porsche is the 997 generation 911 Turbo. In his free time, Ralph enjoys spending time with his wife, is an avid tennis player (USTA), loves to bowl, ride motorcycles, and boating at Lake Anna.

  • Wayne Hall
    Shop Foreman

    Wayne has been with Euroclassics since its inception, and brings more than forty years of automotive experience to the shop. He's a factory trained Porsche master technician as well as an ASE master technician and has specialized in Porsche mechanics since 1977. His favorite thing about working at Euroclassics is the people he meets, and his favorite model Porsche of all time is the original 911 - the "flagship of the fleet." Wayne also has a soft spot for muscle cars, and in his spare time he enjoys spending time with his family, boating, fishing, and spending time on Lake Gaston.

  • Gene Ashman
    Service Tech

    Gene, a former Mercedes specialist, started working at Euroclassics in 2001. A factory-trained Porsche technician and ASE master technician. When he joined Euroclassics, he brought thirty years of automotive experience to the outfit, most of it working with exotic and antique cars. A man with a true passion for everything automotive, Gene says his favorite model of Porsche is the new GT3, he says, "911 keeps getting better and better." He likes all types of cars and can't pick just one outside of the Porsche brand. He enjoys working on Porsches because he enjoys the challenge of doing diagnostic, and in his spare time he golfs, fishes, flies airplanes and spends time with his family.

  • John Geisheimer
    Service Tech

    John joined the Euroclassics team in March 2014, bringing with him years of auto repair experience. His experience with American cars as well as imports is extensive, and he spent nine years working on Porsches, Audis and BMWs. He had his own hardscape and landscaping business, but he succumbed to the "siren call of Porsche" and loves learning how the cars have changed over the years. His favorite models of Porsche are the 911 Turbo because it's classic, and the Boxster because of the body style. If he had to pick a car other than Porsche he'd choose a Ferrari, and in his spare time he enjoys landscape design and restoring old hot rods.

  • Wayne Smith

    Wayne has been a part of the Euroclassics Team for over 20 years. Wayne says,"I enjoy working at Euroclassics because of the people." Wayne's favorite Porsche is the Carrera GT and his favorite non-Porsche is the 1958 Chevrolet Impala. In his spare time, he enjoys rebuilding tractor motors, working on TVs and VCRs, and spending time with his family.

  • Glenn Reed
    Auto Detail

    Glenn has been with Euroclassics since 2003 and he approaches his job with passion and pride. He loves working at Euroclassics because he is a car enthusiast, he loves different makes and models of cars and he loves the friendly family atmosphere at Euroclassics. He says also, "Our mechanics are certified and their work is great and precise. That's why we have such a great reputation." Glenn's favorite model of Porsche is the 911 GTS (racing wheels), and his non-Porsche pick is an Infiniti G35. Glenn enjoys auto racing, sports like basketball and football, and fishing on the Rappahannock.

  • Charles Taylor
    Auto Detail

    Charles, better known as "Chucky", has been with Euroclassics Porsche since 2010. He enjoys working at Euroclassics because of the atmosphere. He also says,"I've been working with Mark Cooke for about 25 years and he has always made me feel like I'm apart of the family." Chucky's favorite Porsche is the Carrera GT and his non-Porsche pick would be a C5 generation Corvette.

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